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Learn How to Bring Your Product Ideas to the Market

Hello Inventor, Entrepreneur, Idea Person,

Your ideas may change the world! But inventing is not for you if you are looking to get rich quick or get out of a financial jam. When you are down on your luck, inventing is not the way to turn things around. Do not buy my books, kit, or coaching, or spend money on a patent or prototype. I'd rather see you invest in yourself first.

My mission is to help inventors, entrepreneurs, and everyday people get their product ideas into the market. You might have an invention that can benefit society and make our lives easier.

No one can do it alone. If you haven't taken a product to the market before, you need a coach to help you get over the hurdles and past the many pitfalls. Be persistent, be smart, and get the right information before you make your next move.

Best Success,
Matt Yubas, Engineer, MBA

License and Sell Your Product Ideas

Learn Inventing and Avoid the Inventor Pitfalls.

Are You Ready to License or Sell Your Invention? Answer These Questions First.

People with ideas have made fortunes with their inventions. But far too many have lost their life's savings by not taking the correct advice.

When you are new to inventing, you need to answer the following questions, before approaching a manufacturer.

  • What's your invention worth?
  • What's a good royalty rate for your invention?
  • How do you find the right manufacturers to sell or license your invention?
  • How to research whether you can trust the manufacturer you're trying to sell or license to?
  • What must you do before you approach a manufacturer with your idea?
  • How to correctly make contact?
  • How do you protect your idea?
  • What kind of prototype do you need?
  • What terms are open to negotiation?
  • What often gets idea submissions like yours rejected?

Get your questions answered and get a step-by-step plan to sell or license for royalties with the new Invention Success Kit.

Learn the Step-by-Step Process to Sell or License Your Invention Ideas

Coach You to License, Sell, or Launch

Are You Thinking of Using an Invention Help Submission Company? Read this Guide First

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Client Success Stories


I am emailing you because I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate all the help you have given me.

From preparing to start business to actually getting my first prototype completed. We finally have our first shipment in and I wanted to let you know that they are selling a bit faster then I had hoped for. We are actually going to be out before the next shipment gets here. It is not a bad thing. .

There is NO WAY I could have gotten this far without your help. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My future wife is so happy that I had someone like you to help guide me and give me advice and at times actually send me leads. I am also very happy and consider the investment I made asking for your help was by far the best investment I have made to date. Next to our GIANT BOWS of course. .

Thank you Matt. You have really helped make CR Bows the success it is today.

Thank you so much for being my Product Coach Matt. You are GREAT!!!!!!! I hope we can keep in touch throughout the coming years.

Todd Wunderlich


I want to thank you so much for taking the time to make sure I understood why following certain steps it is so important in being successful, and saving a lot of money. You already saved me 10 times the money I would have spent foolishly.

But more important I now understand why it would have been foolish. I have spoke to many people who bring products to market and all they wanted me to do is spend, spend, spend, it was like talking to salesmen all the time. With you it was like finding a friend who knew just what to do. Thank you for your help in making this complicated process manageable. I feel I can now make educated choices.

Your new friend,
Vincent Sellecchia

I found Matt Yubas online after reading his book Product Idea to Product Success. This book was so organized and easy to understand but I needed some specific answers to my specific questions so I went to his website and made a payment for a private phone coaching session. I was a little nervous at first but Matt is extremely professional and friendly and put me at ease immediately.

He gave me valuable advice and encouragement and helped me to calculate the profitability of one of my products, The Healthy Diet Chart. Since speaking with Matt, The Healthy Diet Chart has been chosen as one of the Top Ten Best Products for Parents!!

Thank you Matt for all your help!!

Kim Kincher, Healthy World Project



Inventors tend to either be wheeler-dealers or careful and systematic. If you're the latter, the perfect book for you is Product Idea to Product Success: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Making Money from Your Idea (Broadword Publishing) by Matthew Yubas. It can help you flesh out and evaluate your idea in the startup phase to make sure it has moneymaking potential. Yubas, an engineer, provides product development advice and a useful analysis of how to determine whether your product meets customers' needs.
— Entrepreneur Magazine

Perhaps you're looking for constructive assistance. Do you have innovative ideas for products you believe can change the world, make our lives a little easier, or entertain the masses? Don't let another year go by without testing the inventor's waters. Let the Product Coach help you transform your brainstorms into marketable products. With his new book, Product Idea to Product Success, as well as through informative articles at his website (www.ProductCoach.com), Matthew Yubas leads you on a step-by-step path to success. Yubas's techniques will show you how to avoid costly mistakes and test your product's marketability before production.
— Five Star Reviews

Expertly written by Certified Product Marketing Consultant Matthew Yubas, Product Idea to Product Success: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Making Money from Your Idea is a handy financial and business guide to determining if an idea is commercially marketable; protecting rights; getting a competitive advantage; finding investors; making prototypes; establishing pricing strategies, and more. Emphasizing tested methods that work, Product Idea to Product Success is a superb guide for non-specialist general readers looking to profit off their own creativity, up to and including the desire to go into business for themselves.
— Midwest Book Reviews

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